Garble Swan

The Garble Swan can be found in the marshes and swamps of the second moon of the Arghlgl system. As it has got rid of its direct competitors in the food chain with its hideous appearance and smell, as well as having scared any carnivor that hunted it -the famous restaurant critic Le Gaston once descibed its meat as a combination of blubber and string, after which it disappeared off the menu in the entire galaxy- the species is now tumbling down the Darwin ladder of evolution out of sheer boredom. The sound it produces, originating from air canals surrounding the cavity in its chest (the wings fell off from uselessness), sounds rather retarded and weak. Mating calls are often only answered out of pity by the other sex. The species seems ready to die out pretty quickly.

Done for Creature of the Week number 113: Sound Creature. The idea was to create a creature inspired by a fragment of sound.

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