Mining tool - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Final prop design for an undisclosed project back in 2015. Out of all the designs I ended up doing for it, this was the only one I used a 3D block-out model for provided by the client.

The 'jaws' were based on the earlier Disch Thrower design, I just beefed them up and added the blue 'bumpers' on the front -presumably the user would push it against the rock and then engage the plasma canon.

Shotgun - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Another improvised weapon design I did for an undisclosed project. A one handed, double barreled, airpowered shotgun cobbled together from spare parts.

This design went through a lengthier process than most of the others, I think partially because the initial brief called for some tricky solutions -shotguns are inherently not designed for one handed use, or be powered by compressed air- and partially because the quick reload concept proved difficult to animate in-game. It went through several different ideas and I am not entirely sure what we ended up going with. My personal favorite was the above idea, but I believe we ended up ditching it for something simpler.

Crossbow - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Weapon design I did for an undisclosed project a few years ago. Again, it is supposed be put together from spare parts and ransacked machinery but in a professional manner.

Out of all the designs I got to do for this project I think this one is my favorite. The brief was fairly open and called for a novel operating mechanism, and since it's a crossbow most of it would be out in the open rather than internal. The automatic reload mod went through a few stages, and sadly I had to drop the Bladerunner-style grip though admittedly the simpler one works better in the end.

Nail gun - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Prop/weapon design. This was the first design I got to work on for this project and as such a lot of time was spend on ironing out the process and communication.

The very first step in the process was doing a bunch of silhouette thumbnails. I generally much prefer to dive into sketches right away rather than doing flat silhouettes, so on the later designs I ditched this approach.

Welding Torch - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Another tool design, same project. The in-game fix all tool. The design itself was rather basic but I had fun rendering out the different materials on this one.

Disc Grinder - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Prop design I did for an undisclosed project a few years ago. Not a weapon so much as a one-handed powertool to repair/break down elements in the environment with.

Disc grinders are such basic power tools that it was surprisingly tricky to find a design that stood out from the crowd while still looking somewhat functional, although the wisdom is of having a one-handed disc grinder is probably questionable.

Disc Thrower - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Another weapon design I did back in 2015 for an undisclosed project. This one is supposed to be put together from sci-fi power tools into a functioning weapon by experienced engineers.

The color scheme and weathering on the weapon went through a few passes as the AD on the project had a fairly specific look he was aiming for. Some parts of this design were later used in another design.

Some of the weapons in game had optional parts and upgrades that could be exchanged on the original gun, in this case an automatic reload and an exchangeable magazine rather than a fixed shotgun-style magazine.

Guard Rifle - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Weapon design I did a few years ago for an undisclosed project through GameCo Studios. Same Calico-style magazine was requested for this design as for the side arm.

And the initial thumbnails and sketches for the design. The client wanted a specific fore grip and the dial indicator showing the remaining ammunition on the magazine had to be clearly visible for the player.

Guard Sidearm - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Weapon design I did a few years ago for an undisclosed project through GameCo Studios. The project this was for is canned as far as I know but the client allowed me to show the work I did for it, so more updates should follow.

Where possible I'll try and include some of the work in progress. The initial brief called for a Calico-style helical magazine on top of the gun, which was tricky to make look cool because of the small size of the gun. I went for a semi-transparent magazine at first but for game mechanical reasons it was easier to stick with a simple display on the back of it.

Moon Stalkers - Personal project

Just an old piece that I finished over the weekend. I've been super busy with work since the beginning of the year so I wanted to do something for myself.

The original sketch from a while back can be seen below:

Interior art - Monte Cook Games / Numenera Character Options 2

I totally forgot to post this interior illustration I did for Numenera's Character Options 2 book that came out a while ago.

The Job part 6 - ILM / ArtStation Challenge

Part 6 was the last part of the challenge. Unfortunately I was quite busy around this point so I didn't have a lot of time to play around, and probably ended up 'playing it safe' as it mentions in the brief.

Design, develop and present images you feel best represents your skills. There is no minimum or maximum—just amaze us. Based off the previous challenges you should know what to do. Integrate some of your designs into your scenes. Remember: a strong story idea is the foundation to powerful emotional imagery. If time is critical then focus on something in the scenes that inspires you. play to your strengths.

Directors notes: "The third act of our film is stiff. The writers could use some inspiration. Lets get the Art Department to come up with some ideas for two of the scenes to help inspire them. Have them choose which they want to do and go nuts. (They don’t have to do both, pick one and make it incredible) Play up the drama and energy. Last round they did was, ”good”, I feel they can do better. I want cool dramatic lighting!! Has anyone ever watched film noir or a film shot by Roger Deakins?!! Sheesh ! This is the finale of our film. No one should be playing it safe!!!!"

MOST IMPORTANTLY – "Needs to be something we have never seen before. You know, but definitively Star Wars."

Choose a moment from one of the scenes to explore: Scene Option 1

I did a few quick thumbnails based on the first script option they gave as I did not have a design ready for the princess in the other script. I roughly tried to make the thumbnails follow the script as a sort of storyboard so I could pick out the moment I liked and work that out as a keyframe.

While I kind of liked the shot of the waitress strutting over to the table and I think she could be an interesting character to focus on, the script didn't really set her up as a character so instead I went with option B. I figured the build up to the action was more interesting than the actual fight scene, and this way I could pay a small homage to some of the bar scenes in Ravian & Laureline (a French sci fi comic that allegedly inspired some of the original Star Wars trilogy -I grew up with the comics and loved them) while telling the essential elements of the script in a single image.

I like the final result for this round, though I suspect it might be slightly too obvious and safe to fit the brief.

The Job part 5 - ILM / ArtStation Challenge

The fifth part of the last round of the ILM challenge was much more in my wheelhouse, and I had a lot of fun with it. The brief gave two options to chose from, one was to develop a Danji warrior princess design (which, considering my initial sketches of the Danji, would be challenging to make at all attractive) and one was to design a droid based on a rough sketch:

Design, develop and present your character with images you feel best represents your skills. There is no minimum or maximum—just amazing. Based off the previous challenges you should know what to do.

Droid Option

• There is a droid that accompanies the Danji. Lets see some sketches of what that might be.
• Director's notes (Droid option): We need more toys. I’d like to see the equivalent of R2D2 but from the Danji side. Personality-wise he should be a bit “younger brother” always pestering R2, and later in the story they bond. I did this sketch at lunch with the producers. Have the guys interpret what they think it might be. Maybe start with this then do some others ideas.
• Lets call him DD-3.

Before going into a lot of sketches, there were a few things I wanted to keep in the back of my mind with this one. Firstly, I thought it'd be neat to stick somewhat to the special effects possibilities available at the time of the original Star Wars trilogy and use that as a guideline for my design as well. R2D2 originally needed an actor inside to operate it, and this constrained the design naturally. Now, DD-3 is supposed to be R2D2's smaller brother so presumably this means it will be an RC prop but it still has to be able to navigate and operate on set with actors. Secondly, the director's note specifies the need for more toys so there are a few things to keep in mind when designing DD-3 -for example, the mono wheel sketch could be cool but would be really impractical in a toy as the droid would fall over constantly. With that in mind, I set out to do some quick sketches.

I first settled on something like the above and even though I wasn't completely happy with it yet there were a few ideas I really liked. The Danji culture I had come up with so far come from a planet with a lot of water, so I figured DD-3 somehow needed to reflect this and be able to cope with an environment like that better than other droids in the Star Wars universe. I came up with the side wheels in a flipper-type housing, so that on land he could roll around on wheels while in the water he'd be able to paddle around (or use the thrusters!).

Much like the plethora of tools R2D2 hides inside, I thought it'd be neat if DD-3 had a set of crab like arms dropping out of the bottom of his head, a bit like jellyfish tentacles. I liked the general jellyfish shape of the head, but I wanted to set DD-3 apart from R2D2 and BB-8 a little so I played around with the head shape some more.

At this point, I realized I still wasn't happy with the design. I liked some features, but overall it felt too stiff and too much like a crappy R2D2. The proportions were off. I went back and did some more sketches and came up with the solution as seen at the top. The six swivel wheels give DD-3 a lot more motion than R2D2 which I felt would work really well for their brotherly rivalry, while at the same time allowed for DD-3 to express more emotion. It also gave him a bit of a crablike ability, which would work well as a reference to sea creatures again. I also changed his livery to match the Danji culture I'd come up with so far more while still retaining enough of the R2 type droids livery to make him part of the family.

The Job part 3 & 4 - ILM / ArtStation Challenge

The third and fourth part of the last round of the ILM Art Dep. challenge was kind of a two-parter, and since I don't have a lot of process images to go along with them I figured I'd combine them in a single post. The first brief was:

The Danji have established themselves as resourceful allies as they managed to prevent Threepio and R2-D2 from capture. Create a scene (one keyframe) where they are returning them to the new Rebel HQ on a cavernous planet called “Sookah”. Put some of your newly designed vehicles in the frame.

Directors notes: This is where we first see the Danji. We can go a little more alien with this race. Keep the humanoid design. I love the scene in Helms Deep when the Elven reinforcements arrive. I really don’t want that though. This has to be new, different, and better.

Include ONE SINGLE image you use for reference.

This is a favorite painting by Jacques – Louis David “ The Coronation of Napoleon”. However this is not a coronation it’s an alliance. I like power and scale of the moment though.

Since I had already come up with the idea that the Danji ships are designed to land in the water, I figured it would make sense to show this off by having the meeting take place in a sea cave. After scouring the Internet for reference images I settled on the Algarve Caves in Portugal. I also did a quick sketch for the Danji race themselves in the previous round, so that saved me some time here.

The second brief was aptly named 'the Director changes his mind':

The Director has changed his mind and wants a new keyframe (expanding on the Part 3—Keyframe 2 challenge). He would like to change locations to a stark and volcanic landscape similar to Iceland—but not Iceland. He also would like to see some of the rebel craft alongside the new ones.

This is a meeting place not a new home base. But a very important moment when the new faction shows allegiance with the rebels. A defining moment in our story. Give me drama!!! The sky should be something like a Turner painting or an amazing cloud break you would see after a storm !!!

Instead of going through a lengthy thumbnailing process for this round I immediately dove into the final painting after doing a rough sketch, partially because I wanted to reuse some of the previous painting to save time. I did do a quick design for a Danji shuttle since I hadn't actually come up with one in the previous rounds and I felt they needed a more utilitarian ship rather than a bomber/fighter.

Again, I also wanted to make sure to show off that the Danji prefer to land on water, so instead of going for dramatic pools of lava I figured a geothermal lake would be a neat backdrop here.

Frankly, I am not too fond of either of the keyframes I came up with for this round. I feel the last one could have really benefited from actually doing some thumbnails first, and the lighting and camera placement for both could have been much more dramatic. Mostly, I think I was constricting myself too much trying to stick to the initial painting style rather than mix it with more efficient methods to allow for more freedom to explore.