Interior art - Paizo/Starfinder Core book

A number of spaceship illustrations I did for the recently released Starfinder RPG by Paizo. I had fun playing around with a slightly different style for these.

LAAC Light Armored Amphibious Car - Personal Project

Just a quick doodle with pen and markers. Was going through some old stuff and found some sketches I liked and I felt like doing some more traditional work.

Hoverbike - 3D Total / Graphite Magazine Tutorial

Hoverbike concept sketch I did for a marker and pastel tutorial for the July edition of Graphite Magazine. It had been a while since I'd done something with purely traditional tools and it made me realize how much I actually enjoy working with something tangible and away from my computer.

The workshop focuses on the use of underlays and finishing a sketch with markers and pastels, something you don't see all that often anymore but is actually still surprisingly quick and effective. The July issue is available directly on 3D Total's website or subscribe for a quarterly dose of traditional art and tutorials.

Sci-fi Tank - 3D Total Sketch Workshop

Sci-fi tank sketch I did for 3D Total: Sketch Workshop Kickstarter that just finished. Had a lot of fun getting out my pen and markers for this project!

The workshop focuses mostly on sketching and finishing a sketch with markers, and since I had a bit of a tight deadline I figured I'd re-use some old sketches I had lying around. None of these made it into the final tutorial so I thought I'd include them here.

Interior art - Monte Cook Games / Predation

Interior artwork for the Predation book by Monte Cook Games that came out a couple of days ago. I was experimenting a little with my process for these to mixed results but I had fun getting to paint dinosaurs.

Interior art - Monte Cook Games / Numenera Bestiary 2

Interior artwork for the new Numenera: Bestiary 2 that came out a couple of days ago. Had a lot of fun figuring out the 2-page spread triptych piece.

I also did a few new creature and robot illustrations for it. The Kelrusan was a bit of a challenge.

Mining tool - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Final prop design for an undisclosed project back in 2015. Out of all the designs I ended up doing for it, this was the only one I used a 3D block-out model for provided by the client.

The 'jaws' were based on the earlier Disch Thrower design, I just beefed them up and added the blue 'bumpers' on the front -presumably the user would push it against the rock and then engage the plasma canon.

Shotgun - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Another improvised weapon design I did for an undisclosed project. A one handed, double barreled, airpowered shotgun cobbled together from spare parts.

This design went through a lengthier process than most of the others, I think partially because the initial brief called for some tricky solutions -shotguns are inherently not designed for one handed use, or be powered by compressed air- and partially because the quick reload concept proved difficult to animate in-game. It went through several different ideas and I am not entirely sure what we ended up going with. My personal favorite was the above idea, but I believe we ended up ditching it for something simpler.

Crossbow - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Weapon design I did for an undisclosed project a few years ago. Again, it is supposed be put together from spare parts and ransacked machinery but in a professional manner.

Out of all the designs I got to do for this project I think this one is my favorite. The brief was fairly open and called for a novel operating mechanism, and since it's a crossbow most of it would be out in the open rather than internal. The automatic reload mod went through a few stages, and sadly I had to drop the Bladerunner-style grip though admittedly the simpler one works better in the end.

Nail gun - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Prop/weapon design. This was the first design I got to work on for this project and as such a lot of time was spend on ironing out the process and communication.

The very first step in the process was doing a bunch of silhouette thumbnails. I generally much prefer to dive into sketches right away rather than doing flat silhouettes, so on the later designs I ditched this approach.

Welding Torch - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Another tool design, same project. The in-game fix all tool. The design itself was rather basic but I had fun rendering out the different materials on this one.

Disc Grinder - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Prop design I did for an undisclosed project a few years ago. Not a weapon so much as a one-handed powertool to repair/break down elements in the environment with.

Disc grinders are such basic power tools that it was surprisingly tricky to find a design that stood out from the crowd while still looking somewhat functional, although the wisdom is of having a one-handed disc grinder is probably questionable.

Disc Thrower - Undisclosed project/GameCo Studios

Another weapon design I did back in 2015 for an undisclosed project. This one is supposed to be put together from sci-fi power tools into a functioning weapon by experienced engineers.

The color scheme and weathering on the weapon went through a few passes as the AD on the project had a fairly specific look he was aiming for. Some parts of this design were later used in another design.

Some of the weapons in game had optional parts and upgrades that could be exchanged on the original gun, in this case an automatic reload and an exchangeable magazine rather than a fixed shotgun-style magazine.