Saab 9-5 Project - Automotive Design Course

This project has had me occupied for the past half a year or so. Done for the Automotive Design course at my faculty, we had to create a concept design for the year 2014 from an existing car. I chose Saab as I found it was in intriguing brand. Had a lot of fun with this project, and learned tons at the same time.

The course was roughly devided in three parts: the first was a deconstruction of the current car and brand, along with developing a vision and mission for the future, ending in a character definition with a few words. Sounds easier than it is, as it took up most of the first half of the project.

The second part was to develop a 2024 version. The reason for this is that for the 2014 concept, instead of conservatively building upon what already exists only a bit better, it can be inspired by a much more bold vision but toned down. The end result should be an innovative but feasible car.

The last step, the whole lower right corner basically, is the final concept for 2014. It should combine all of the results of the previous steps into a final concept.

More images on this project can be found here:


Benjamin Salmi said...

This is very slick man... Love it!

Johan Derycke said...

Just found your blog through "Creature Spot".

Gonna follow up now coz it's a pretty nice blog :D