Lego Space: Spyrius Droid

Inspired by these Spyrius droids from Lego Space. They were some of my most favorite lego figures, I have always liked the intriguing combination of transparent helmet and robot head somehow.

I might do a back view later, but I've got a few more classic lego space characters I want to do first ;]


DanijelC said...

The head (probably the round eyes) and the golden colour of the outer shell remind me of C-3po :). Really like the transparent outer shell (plastic, rubber perhaps) covering the inner parts, haven't seen that before. Looks like something we might see in 50 to 100 years :D

Jonathan Mayer said...

I had one of these guys, too, and he was one of my favorites. I remember thinking that those transparent helmets were the coolest thing ever. I love how you captured him here!

Guido Kuip said...

DanijelC: Yeah I suspect the original minifigure design already borrowed heavily from C3PO ;]

Jonathan Mayer: Thanks! I've never actually owned one myself, my brother had one and I was quite jealous at the time :P

Tom said...

Awesome. The spyrius droid never looked better. I loved to play with these :D

xulm said...

That's probably the most awesome thing I saw in last months. And I saw a lot of kick-ass things lately, believe me!

I love the plastic shielding the metal parts like a thick, translucent skin. And the red highlights! And the fantastic face!

I just wonder if he'd look more goofy or scary if he smiled like the minifig does