Thornwind Faeries

It's been a couple of months since last I updated again since I suddenly got swamped with work, so I haven't had a lot of time for personal projects in between unfortunately. Here's a WIP I started a while ago and recently managed to work on some more.

Since I've been meaning to update my illustration portfolio, I came up with a little exercise to generate topics. I picked a couple of my old Magic the Gathering cards at random, wrote up a short brief based on the image and with this as a starting point I am making my own interpretation. This one is based on 'Thornwind Faeries', originally done by the amazing Rebecca Guay.

Still very much a work in progress, so comments and feedback are welcome!


Mathew Kaminski said...

I can't really comment much on it yet, but I like where it's head. The dynamic angle is what really keeps me looking at it.

Plus the color scheme is very interesting.

I think you might know this, but the angle on the fairy coming in from the top-left seems a bit odd on how her face is...?

Anyway... interesting start, I hope you have more time to keep going with it :)

Guido Kuip said...

Mathew: Thanks dude! Yeh the face is probably entirely incorrect at this point, I sketched it in fairly quickly for placeholder ;]