LEGO Classic Space - Ice Planet 2002

Got some more work in on my little LEGO project, this time a character for the Ice Planet 2002 series. Their back story is that they're a group of scientist doing cutting edge research on a remote planet to avoid detection by their main adversaries (Blacktron II and/or Spyrius).

I deviated a little from the original character designs by not including the helmet with bright orange visor and antennae since this is one of the scientists, but I think I'll do the guard/soldier version for these as well.


xulm said...


I find your LEGO redesigns very, very interesting -- I've been working on a similar project (surmalegobros.blogspot) for two years already (in a quite different style than yours, though)

Guido Kuip said...

Hey Xulm, thanks! I came across Surmalegobros while doing some research on Blacktron II, absolutely love what you're doing! :]