The Job part 6 - ILM / ArtStation Challenge

Part 6 was the last part of the challenge. Unfortunately I was quite busy around this point so I didn't have a lot of time to play around, and probably ended up 'playing it safe' as it mentions in the brief.

Design, develop and present images you feel best represents your skills. There is no minimum or maximum—just amaze us. Based off the previous challenges you should know what to do. Integrate some of your designs into your scenes. Remember: a strong story idea is the foundation to powerful emotional imagery. If time is critical then focus on something in the scenes that inspires you. play to your strengths.

Directors notes: "The third act of our film is stiff. The writers could use some inspiration. Lets get the Art Department to come up with some ideas for two of the scenes to help inspire them. Have them choose which they want to do and go nuts. (They don’t have to do both, pick one and make it incredible) Play up the drama and energy. Last round they did was, ”good”, I feel they can do better. I want cool dramatic lighting!! Has anyone ever watched film noir or a film shot by Roger Deakins?!! Sheesh ! This is the finale of our film. No one should be playing it safe!!!!"

MOST IMPORTANTLY – "Needs to be something we have never seen before. You know, but definitively Star Wars."

Choose a moment from one of the scenes to explore: Scene Option 1

I did a few quick thumbnails based on the first script option they gave as I did not have a design ready for the princess in the other script. I roughly tried to make the thumbnails follow the script as a sort of storyboard so I could pick out the moment I liked and work that out as a keyframe.

While I kind of liked the shot of the waitress strutting over to the table and I think she could be an interesting character to focus on, the script didn't really set her up as a character so instead I went with option B. I figured the build up to the action was more interesting than the actual fight scene, and this way I could pay a small homage to some of the bar scenes in Ravian & Laureline (a French sci fi comic that allegedly inspired some of the original Star Wars trilogy -I grew up with the comics and loved them) while telling the essential elements of the script in a single image.

I like the final result for this round, though I suspect it might be slightly too obvious and safe to fit the brief.

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