The Ride part 2 - ILM / ArtStation Challenge

Greedo's ship is an old brawny muscle-car-inspired heap of rust that he barely manages to keep flying by working for Jabba as a bounty hunter and buying second hand parts from the Jawa's. The bold paint scheme resembles the paint job of Luke's land speeder as if it belongs to a particular vehicle modding culture on Tatooine. Since Greedo is just a second rate bounty hunter compared to the other bounty hunters in the movies, I thought it fitting if his ship is also more bark than actual bite and in a worse state of repair than the Millennium Falcon for example.

Greedo's ship was initially inspired by the amazing 1937 Cord design and partially by American muscle cars and the large cross continent freight locomotives.

As mentioned in the last post, I realized I wanted to create something that actually had some connection with the story line of the movies and I thought designing Greedo's ship might actually give a little more insight into a character that's only on screen for a single scene. Considering his role in the movie, I specifically did not want to make Greedo's ship 'beautiful' or even very functional -like a muscle car, it's great on the quarter mile and to impress your friends with but terrible for most anything else. It turned out I already had a tiny sketch on one of the earlier pages ready, which I quickly combined with the cockpit design I came up with for the Rebel hero ship from the last post into the rough painting above. While I considered some other grilles and detailing on the nose, trying to balance out the focus between engines and cockpit meant I actually had to keep the nose of the ship fairly simple since it stands out quite a bit already.

After the relatively large amount of sketches I did searching for something I liked earlier, this design actually came about really quickly. Looking back at it though, it could've probably benefited from a few more sketches before diving into the final painting.

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