The Job part 2 - ILM / ArtStation Challenge

The second brief for the last round of the ILM Art Department challenge was reasonably straight forwards and allowed me to play around a bit more, since no final keyframe was required this time.

A new faction has joined the Rebel Alliance – the Danji. They’ve brought their armada of vessels and military ships. Do some quick sketches of some of those vehicles highlighting their function. Big and small.

Director’s Notes: “We can go a little more exotic with some of these forms, but they need to fit in the Star Wars universe. Keep to the ‘used world’ theme and utilitarian feel to everything.”

Real-world Inspiration: Much like the Model makers finding everyday common things and making a space ship from the basic shape, we are asking you to do the same. Find an industrial form/product that you think might work.

I looked at a few objects to serve as inspiration but in the end the toolshed offered the most interesting inspiration. I ended up using garden secateurs as the main source of inspiration as seen below.

I realized the odd bow shape would work really well for landing on water rather than land, and used that idea to define the Danji ships. Since the brief required sketches for both big and small ship designs I refined the initial sketch until I was happy enough with the outcome and then started figuring out what design ques to use to create a 'family' of spaceships for the Danji. I don't think each of the sketches below is as successful, but since there was limited time I felt it was more important to set a general course rather than finalize every single design.

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