The Job part 3 & 4 - ILM / ArtStation Challenge

The third and fourth part of the last round of the ILM Art Dep. challenge was kind of a two-parter, and since I don't have a lot of process images to go along with them I figured I'd combine them in a single post. The first brief was:

The Danji have established themselves as resourceful allies as they managed to prevent Threepio and R2-D2 from capture. Create a scene (one keyframe) where they are returning them to the new Rebel HQ on a cavernous planet called “Sookah”. Put some of your newly designed vehicles in the frame.

Directors notes: This is where we first see the Danji. We can go a little more alien with this race. Keep the humanoid design. I love the scene in Helms Deep when the Elven reinforcements arrive. I really don’t want that though. This has to be new, different, and better.

Include ONE SINGLE image you use for reference.

This is a favorite painting by Jacques – Louis David “ The Coronation of Napoleon”. However this is not a coronation it’s an alliance. I like power and scale of the moment though.

Since I had already come up with the idea that the Danji ships are designed to land in the water, I figured it would make sense to show this off by having the meeting take place in a sea cave. After scouring the Internet for reference images I settled on the Algarve Caves in Portugal. I also did a quick sketch for the Danji race themselves in the previous round, so that saved me some time here.

The second brief was aptly named 'the Director changes his mind':

The Director has changed his mind and wants a new keyframe (expanding on the Part 3—Keyframe 2 challenge). He would like to change locations to a stark and volcanic landscape similar to Iceland—but not Iceland. He also would like to see some of the rebel craft alongside the new ones.

This is a meeting place not a new home base. But a very important moment when the new faction shows allegiance with the rebels. A defining moment in our story. Give me drama!!! The sky should be something like a Turner painting or an amazing cloud break you would see after a storm !!!

Instead of going through a lengthy thumbnailing process for this round I immediately dove into the final painting after doing a rough sketch, partially because I wanted to reuse some of the previous painting to save time. I did do a quick design for a Danji shuttle since I hadn't actually come up with one in the previous rounds and I felt they needed a more utilitarian ship rather than a bomber/fighter.

Again, I also wanted to make sure to show off that the Danji prefer to land on water, so instead of going for dramatic pools of lava I figured a geothermal lake would be a neat backdrop here.

Frankly, I am not too fond of either of the keyframes I came up with for this round. I feel the last one could have really benefited from actually doing some thumbnails first, and the lighting and camera placement for both could have been much more dramatic. Mostly, I think I was constricting myself too much trying to stick to the initial painting style rather than mix it with more efficient methods to allow for more freedom to explore.

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